How You Can Help

** Note: Sorry, we have no community service volunteer opportunities at this time. **

Spread the Word

CA Chins Rescue Brochure (2-sided) - PDF file

CA Chins Rescue Brochure (1 page - 1-sided) - PDF file

Adopt a Chinchilla

For information about adopting a rescued chinchilla, go to our page on Adoptions.

Schedule Events

We are available for "Pet Education Days". We can use your help to find new pet/feed stores, schools, and groups that want us to come educate the public. Scouts, 4-H, classrooms are welcome to request us to come in. As these events are scheduled we will need volunteers willing to work. These are events we plan to have at ALL times of the year (weather permitting) So ask around and find places willing to:

  • Let us come in with animals.
  • Allow us to set up or have tables for us to use.
  • Floor space for at least 2 humans to sit around. Room for a few onlookers is necessary as well.
  • Allow us to recommend our "Joy of Chinchillas" book to the audience.
  • We will usually work from 10am to closing depending on the facilities hours.



A display of cages at Pet Pride Day
San Francisco 2003

Make Items for Fund Raising

We can always use ornaments, stickers, or other chinchilla items to sell to raise money. If any of you are crafty and would like to help make your own designs or provide time to help with some of our existing ideas, please let us know.


We always need all kinds of donations, both material and financial. Cages, carriers, balls, and dust houses. Unused products such as newspaper, wooden houses, chew toys etc.

Currently requested donations:

- Spot style Steam Cleaner is requested for use on cleaning up some of the old donated cages.

- Pressure washer for cleaning cages would also be helpful.




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