Surrendering a Chinchilla

To surrender a chinchilla to our organization for rehoming......

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Sorry you have to surrender your chin(s). We would be happy to find the chin(s) a new home. We are located in Sunnyvale, CA (SF Bay Area) and you would just have to bring the chin(s) to us and fill out a Surrender Form providing us some information about the chin(s) which legally transfers the chin(s) into our care.

Surrendered chins get a health check appointment with our vet at Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos. After which, the chins will have its picture placed on our webpage/Facebook group so, folks can see how wonderful he/she is and contact us for possible adoption. While under our care the chin will have a nice large multi-level cage with food, water, wheel, treats, medical care, weekly cage cleaning and plenty of attention. We never euthanize a chin unless it is for the chin’s medical quality-of-life reasons. We never split bonded pairs/groups unless the chins decide it themselves (they fight) as there are many people that love to adopt bonded pairs/groups.

If you wish to donate any unused supplies (food, dust, hay, bedding) and/or cages that are in “prime” condition (no rust, stains or broken parts) those would be welcomed as well.

Note: We have no online/virtual meeting capability. All our appointments are handled in-person at our Sunnyvale location. 






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