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ChinchillaRescue.Org is a rescue group founded and run by California Chins.

Many chinchillas are being lost, abandoned or turned in by owners no longer wanting or able to care for them. We take care of their physical and emotional needs so that they may find happy, loving, forever homes.

Our goal is to provide information to people interested in adopting rescued chinchillas, as well as to those who may have or know of a chinchilla who needs a new home. Our main rescue locations are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we have a growing list of other chinchilla rescue organizations around the world.


About Chinchillas

For basic chinchilla care, check our page on chinchilla care. Additional information can be found at:



Adopt A Chinchilla

Information about adopting a chinchilla from ChinchillaRescue.Org:


Surrendering A Chin

Do you have or know of a chinchilla that needs rehoming? If located in Northern California, contact us. If located elsewhere, check our list of other rescue groups.


How You Can Help

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There are many ways to support the efforts of our chinchilla rescue group.

Please visit our volunteer page.



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