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*** Per the shelter-in-place order by Santa Clara County and the state of California, California Chins will be officially closed until further notice(mid-April or later).

The only exceptions are for emergency surrender from City/State shelters and chinchilla owners who need to buy food.

For a copy of the Santa Clara County Order, click here.






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Your Help is Greatly Appreciated 
We welcome volunteers that could foster chinchillas. We have a number in baby watch that will need care for 4 to 6 months. Also some special needs chins, some elderly chinchillas as old as 23 years and some young chins as young as 8 months that could really appreciate some extra attention in foster care. Rescue would supply chin food and if needed, chin medical care.

Call (805) CHINS-88 or  email us if you can help.

** Sorry, we have no community service volunteer opportunities at this time. 


About Chinchillas

For basic chinchilla care, check our page on chinchilla care. Additional information can be found at:



Adopt A Chinchilla

Information about adopting a chinchilla from ChinchillaRescue.Org:


Surrendering A Chin

Do you have or know of a chinchilla that needs rehoming? If located in Northern California, contact us. If located elsewhere, check our list of other rescue groups.


How You Can Help

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There are many ways to support the efforts of our chinchilla rescue group.

Please visit our volunteer page.

** Sorry, we have no community service volunteer opportunities at this time.



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