Adoption Process

Our goal is to have chinchillas placed in happy homes to live out their lives as cherished members of a family. We do our best to make the most appropriate matches for both owner and chinchilla. We reserve the right to refuse to adopt to anyone for any reason without explanation. We will not adopt chinchillas to young people unless the whole family is committed to providing a forever home. We see too many chinchillas surrendered when a young person goes off to college or gets too busy with other activities.

The first step is to contact our group to arrange a time to come visit our locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and meet the chinchillas that are available for adoption. If you are looking for a companion for an existing chinchilla member if your family, we recommend bringing the chinchilla with you when you come to visit us. Since we do not condone breeding of our chinchillas, we will not pair animals of the opposite sex unless one has been neutered.

Along with the Adoption fee and the “Adoption Care package”, we may have some used cages and other cage accessories for a donation.

“Adoption Care Packages” may include:

  • 1gal bag of our premixed chinchilla food mix.
  •  bag of dust
  •  dust house
  •  water bottle
  •  chill stone
  •  bag of hay
  •  chew toy(s)
  •  sample of treats
  •  "The Joy of Chinchillas" book
What else your chinchilla will need:
Cage A chinchilla requires a minimum of 3 cubic feet of cage space per animal, although many people feel this is too small. We recommend larger cages and exercise wheels for chinchillas that do not get plenty of play time out side of their cage each day.
House A chinchilla needs a place in their cage to sleep. These can be a cardboard box (without tape, plastic, etc), a PVC pipe 4-6" in diameter, or kiln-dried pine box. Chins prefer to sleep higher in their cages, so place the house on the highest shelf rather than on the floor of the cage.
Water Bottle There are good water bottles available at any pet store. We recommend using bottled, filtered, or boiled water for your chinchilla to help prevent problems with Giardia (parasite).
Food dish Some chinchillas like to sit on their food dishes, so a dish that is heavy with a broad base or one that clamps to the side of the cage are good choices. We also recommend a dish that is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
Bedding Bedding can be kiln-dried pine shavings, clean oat, wheat, or rice straw, ground corn cob, paper litter products, or newspaper.
Dust Bath A container, such as a stainless steel, ceramic, or porcelain bowl; a large glass or plastic jar (one gallon or larger), a hard plastic tub, or a large flower pot base. A large glass fish bowl is another option.




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