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We are small group of volunteers located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our primary foster home is in Menlo Park, California. Because our foster homes are private homes, we do not have daily or scheduled hours during which we receive visitors. To make an appointment to visit the chinchillas available for adoption or to get more information about any of our chinchillas,
call (805) CHINS-88. If no answer, please leave name, phone number and e-mail. Emails may also be sent to cachins88@gmail.com. Please be patient with replies because we are a small group of volunteers.

We do not ship or deliver animals. If you are not in Northern California, we can try to help you find a rescue group closer to your location. If you are in Southern California, please check our list of rescues for contacts nearer you.

We do not adopt animals to people under the age of 18.

Our chinchillas are not to be used for breeding of any kind, either intentional or "accidental", for profit or to produce offspring to add to your chinchilla family. See our adoption policy and adoption process for more information.

Our adoption fee is $100 per animal which includes a "care package" worth about $50. Used cages are available for a small donation.

Below are only a few of the chinchillas currently in need of new homes. We have 50+ chinchillas in need of forever homes.

 Pairs and Groups*

* These chins are in bonded groups and must be adopted together

Cheerio and Honeynut - A sweet pair of 5 year old sisters

 Single Males

Pierce - 8 yr old Pierce recently lost his cage mate.
He might like a new cage mate.
Wall-e - Look at those super cute ear freckles 
Only older beige chinchillas have those freckles

Marty McFly - Under 2 yrs old male found running loose at a movie cineplex in Martinez CA.

Picture Coming
Jinx is a lively male born June 2015
Picture Coming
Peter Pan - 8 years old
Calvin - 5 yr old male that sleeps under a blanket. He loves to have his chin rubbed. cal

Single Females

Chloe Rose - her owner left for college and really wanted Chloe Rose to get a home that can give her the attention she wants and needs chlie
Jade - jade
Tinsel. Young female who is feisty and lively. Given to the SDC animal control in Dec 2018 
Tiabeannie - Young female found running loose in a CVS parking lot. Healthy and pretty, she would want somebody to love her forever.
Zoey - 2 yr old female 
Senior Chinchillas*

* A note about senior chinchillas:

The adoption fee for chinchillas that are 9+ years old is $50 per animal. These animals deserve a loving forever home, so please consider adopting one of our seniors. If these animals are not adopted, they will always have a loving "forever" home within our organization.

Whinny - Whinny is a sweet senior female of 13 yrs 

Special Chinchillas**

** A note about special needs chinchillas:

If these animals are not adopted, they will always have a loving "forever" home within our organization. We list the animals here only because there are sometimes people who really want to help the animals that are most in need.

Pumpkin - standard gray female. She has a bad attitude and manners. She is not recommended for a first time chinchilla owner.






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