Success Stories



A Pet Store Chinchilla

This cute little guy came very close to being euthanized, thanks to the ignorance or negligence of a major chain pet store. What we were told, is that they put him in the same cage as a rabbit. The rabbit attacked the chinchilla damaging a rear leg badly enough that the store was going to have him destroyed. Fortunately, a vet tech, who worked for the vet where the animal was taken, intervened and managed to save the young chinchilla. We don't know all of the details about what happened, but are grateful that this chin was given to our rescue group in hopes that he would find a home. One of our members fell in love with this little guy and has given him a wonderful home. He has some scarring and nerve damage on one rear foot, but it doesn't seem to slow him down at all. He is a speed demon in his exercise wheel and has been known to chase a cat while in his exercise ball.






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