We are a small group of volunteers that foster chinchillas in our own homes. Because our foster facilities are private homes, we do not have daily or scheduled hours during which we receive visitors. Since we all have other jobs and responsibilities, we generally do not schedule appointments without at least a little advanced notice.

If you have made an appointment to come and visit us, please try to keep your appointment. If you are going to be late or if you need to cancel the appointment, please be considerate and let us know. We hate having to say these things but we do have a number of people that are very late or do not show up at all. Since we have more than one foster home, usually we have arranged to have chinchillas brought from other homes to be at the adoption location to meet the prospective adopters. This costs the foster "parents" both time and money to make the chinchillas available. In addition, it is stressful to the animals to be put in travel cages and spend sometimes hours in an unfamiliar location.

Remember that we are evaluating whether or not you might provide a good home for a chinchilla. Being irresponsible about appointments is not the sign of a responsible animal caretaker.

To make an appointment, please send us an email.




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